Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost July!!

   Well, I am ashamed to say that it has been almost 4 months since my last post! I have had good intentions but life sometimes gets in the way. Being the perfectionist that I am, I always feel like I can't post unless I have plenty of time to set down and think it out and pick out the pictures that I want to go with it and all, and well, let's just say, that never happens!  Hope all of my blog friends are doing well!  I do check out others blogs alot and I love reading about everyones adventures an what they are working on!
  It is almost July! I can't believe how fast that time goes by and it seems the older I get, the faster it goes!  I wll be 45 in just a couple of weeks and it seems like just yesterday, I was 25!   The only way that I know I am 45 is because I can feel it sometimes! lol Seems like little things hurt or don't work as well as they  use to. I can't see as well as I used to either.  Always had awesome vision and my sister called me Hawk Eye.  Well, Hawk Eye is fading and I have even had to wear reading glassses to cross stitch for the last year now. 

   Oh well, mentally, I love being middle aged! You are a little wiser, no matter what the kids think.  I know what I want out of life!  Don't always have it, but I know I want it! lol  Everytime I say anything to my mother about dreading my birthday or my age, she always says, "Welll, how would you like to have a daughter that is 45"?  That always shuts me up! It's true, I am happy that I am healthy and that my family is as well!

    Recently was blessed to be able to go to one of my favorite places!  The Smoky Mountains will always be a part of me.  When I was small, my grandparents didn't live far from there and we visited frequently!  I am amazed excited and saddened a little about how much it has grown and changed over the years! There also is one of my favorite needlewok stores there, "Dixie Darlin". This visit, they had Linda Myers personal collection of her completed cross stitch designs on display! I love Linda Myers!  I was told that they had taken it to Market and had gotten permission from Linda to keep it on display in the shop for a while! I loved it and also picked up several designs that I hadns't seen before while I was there!

I am working on this one now!

Here are a few of our vacation pics. My sister came down for a few days with her girls and made it awesome!   I love my neices!