Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just like that, it's over.......

  All of the planning and preperation that goes into Christmas and then it's over, just like that!  I can't help but feeling a little down the first few days but got my mojo back today and I am looking forward to the new year and making a resolution to enjoy life more and to have more fun!  I have sort of gotten stuck in a rut for the last little while and I haven't been involved in a lot of things that I like to do and i am going to change that this year!  I know that life is short and the older I get, the more I realize that.  There are so many things  on my bucket list..  So I better get started!!!!
My winter village barn.  I didn't even put out the
whole village this year. It just takes so much space and  time and I never found enough time to do it!
She thinks she's a present!

   Had a wonderful white Christmas!  My grandaughter, Cheyenne is two this year and she enjoyed opening her presents so much!  She would open one and then say, "ok, I'm ready for another one"!  She makes everything in my life magical when I see it through her eyes! My brother in law came in from North Carolina and got snowed in with us and got to stay and extra day!
This is some of the cross stitch projects that I worked on over the holidays!  Still not finished with the Santa and sleigh pic, but almost.  I should be able to finish it this evening then I am starting on a snowman picture. I hadn't made any cross stitch ornaments in years so I decided to make these. They are finished now and I will post some pics of them soon!   A couple of them are on their way to friends. Better late than never, I guess!
I have been feeding the birds during the cold and snowy weather.  I love watching them!  Been testing out my new lens for my camera too and have been able to get some pretty good pictures!
The view from my house looking off the mountain.
Last but not least, I'll leave you with some snowy scenes from my house in the appalachian mountains of southern West Virginia! Til next time.......Leisha


  1. Your Winter Village barn is wonderful. I don't have room to display anything like that but would love to have one anyhow.
    I noted that you are a new follower on my blog. Welcome.

  2. Hi Leisha! I just now noticed you've been following my blog so I thought I would come over here and meet you! I love your blog already. =]

    I don't have an actual village but I am thinking about starting one. Every time I see pictures of them, they are always so pretty.

    Your cat looks so cute sitting on a present. My dog loved to sit under the tree on the tree skirt. It was his favorite place until the gifts took over then he wasn't too happy about it.

    Love your tree! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas! My 5 year old wanted snow for Christmas so bad but we didn't get any.

    I love The Prairie Schooler's patterns. I have a few of their books. Your stitching is beautiful! I love that big piece! Winter is my favorite time for stitching. I love to sit by the fireplace and stitch.

    I love the area around the Appalachian mountains, it is gorgeous there! You are so fortunate to see it every single day! I absolutely adore snowy pictures of cardinals! They are some of my favorites. Your kind of pictures is what inspired me to have a tree devoted just to cardinals. I found a snowy, pine cone, and berries tree that is perfect for them. What kind of camera do you own? I love playing around with different lenses. Your winter scenes are just gorgeous!

    Sorry for the rambling on and on... that's just the way I am. =]

  3. Leisha,
    Beautiful pics of Mother Nature!
    Love your calico!
    I know I am a little behind, but wow this pics are just so beautiful the woods, covered with snow, icesicles, and birds>>you captured some real beauty!
    I really enjoyed them!