Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting the NEW YEAR!!!

       Had a great day today! My daughter came over and I got to see my Cheyenne!  She is so funny and I laughed the entire time she was here unitl she poured my scrapbook brads all over the floor and said they were "sprinkles"!  It took forever to dig them all out of the carpet! Wc colored and snacked and played while mommy did some scrapbooking!   My daughter Erica is an awesome scrapbooker!  She makes amazing pages effortlessly and I am bugging her to start a blog to show off some of her work. Me....well, for some reason, I have been on a cross stitching kick lately.  I have not even quilted the first stitch yet  this winter  and I usually reserve the winter for quilting all of my quilt tops that I pieced over the last spring and summer. I just have too many hobbies, but it is what keeps me sane! I wanted to do the challenge with all the new cross stitch starts in January but I didn't want to start a bunch of new things when I already have so many UFO's that I need to get done!  I did start one new project in the last few days after I finished my Prairie Schooler design and here are pics of both of them.  I also entered a swap that I am so excited about becuase it is my first one! Can't wait to show you what I send and what I receive!
  I can't post on my  blog tonight without showing off my little woman!  I love her soooo much! I have a little pillow that says " I never knew how much love my heart could hold,  til someone called me grandma".  No truer statement has ever been made!

 And if you have seen enough of the cold weather recently, I will leave you with a couple more icy shots from around my house! Til next time, stay warm and be crafty! 

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  1. Cheyenne is a beautiful little girl! I'm sure she is much fun. She has a wonderful, playful smile!

    I know what you mean about all the hobbies, projects, and UFO's. There are so many awesome ideas out there, it's easy to get caught up in so many projects. I LOVE your finished sampler, it is adorable!!

    We've not seen snow or ice yet so for now I am enjoying your pictures. It is beautiful!