Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm up to Wednesday!

        Wrapping up this Wednesday. It is almost over. Wednesday isn't really "hump day"  for me because I work weekends, but I had a pretty productive day today.  Took some things to my local consignment shop then I stopped in to visit my friend, Angel at "Primtiques".  She just reopened on March 1st after a fire destroyed her shop a few months ago.  Her new place looks great!  Seems like sometimes just going and looking at things that you like gives you inspiration to create and decorate, whichever.  And today, I did a little of both! 
    I finally framed one of my embroidery pieces this evening and it looks awesome!  It is a pattern by Kathy Schultz and I have had it finished for a while but had never framed it yet. Found this frame at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and was still being lazy about doing it, but it is!  I love it and the frame worked awesome! 
I also have been working on "A Farmer's Almanac". It is a cross stitch chart by Prairie Schooler.  Using 32 ct mushroom over 2 threads.  Don't know how much longer my eyes will be able to do this high count, so I am doing them while I can.  Having to wear my reading glasses to work on it and sometimes, it is still hard to see!   It sucks getting older! I do love this design, but I love most Prairie Schooler designs so it is fun to work on! 

                  We had a little snow here when I awakened on Monday morning and though I hope it is the last one, it was really pretty!  I had to go out early that morning and here are some pictures that I took while driving, yes driving, through my front windshield.  I really am a safe driver, I swear and there were no other cars around me when I took the pictures! lol
                                                                      I have really enjoyed reading some of my friends blogs this week and so excited that I have one a couple of contests!  Will take some pics and show you my winnings in the next couple of days! 
      Want to share with you a great thing that happened to me this week!   I met someone online about 3 years ago on Myspace.  Her name is Jodee and she is from Idaho.  We had so much in common and hit it off right away.  Although, we no longer talk on Myspace....Facebook is our connection of choice these days, we have kept this relationship going for 3 years and I now consider her one of my very dearest and  best friends!  Well, we have always talked about visiting each other or atleast talking on the phone and finally after 3 years, we talked to each other on skype the other night!  It was so great  to finally see her face and hear her voice, even though she has a weired accent! lol   I feel closer to her than ever! I love you Jodee and hope that we remain friends for a very long time!
    I read a quote a little while ago that I keep thinking about and I want to leave you tonight with it. I don't know who said it to be able to give credit, but it made me think and still is! I love it!!  It said, "when you die, your tombstone will have two dates that everyone will see, but it's the dash in the middle that counts"!       


  1. Love your stitcheries and winter photos! The mountains look so beautiful! It's so nice to make online friends isn't it? Sometimes those turn out to be the best friendships!

  2. Love your embroidery looks wonderful framed! Happy Stitching on FA :)

  3. Lovely work! Beautiful snow pics!

  4. Lovely work!! Your embroidery looks so nice in that frame. I love PS designs--they are timeless.

  5. Your embroidery piece does look awesome! The frame is perfect for it.

    I love The Prairie Schooler patterns, I have a few of their leaflets. Your piece is looking great so far! I have never done 32 ct., I don't think my eyes could handle it, lol!

    Gorgeous scenery! I would love to see that every day on way in and out of my home, how very fortunate you are!!

    How neat that you finally talked to your friend Jodee! Maybe you'll get to actually meet in person one of these days.