Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!!!

  It's getting near midnight and I am sitting on my deck listening to the many different summer bugs and noises that happen this time in July.  The air is stagnent and my skin is sticky from the humidity but I still love being outside at night in the summer!  I can see some distant flashes of lightning and according to the weather, a stray strom or two may make it this far south sometime tonight but even if it does, I don't think it is going to take any of the heat away, as we have advisories for the next several days!

Poison Sumac
    This past week has been a hard one for me!  I have an unbearable case of poison Sumac, something that before this, I never even knew existed!  I sure do now!  I've been taking steroids for the last week and also a couple shots over the weekend and maybe, just maybe, don't really want to say it yet, but hopefully it's getting a little better!  I'm afraid that a couple places are going to scar.  Wow, I will never cut a vine or weed again without protection!  This has been horrid!!!  Along with all the itching and with it being all over me from my face to my feet, I had to work two 12 hour shifts over the weekend!  I am posting a pic of Sumac for those that aren't sure what it looks like!  Please, look carefully and don't touch! lol
                                                                    Sweet Annie

  With all of that said, I am excited that it's almost time to start harvesting Sweet Annie and although, I never have really found any before, and knew what it was, I am going to be looking  for it this year and hoping that I can find some!  This is some pics that I have foud of it on various places of the internet and I have been reading about places where it grows and  what it looks like!  Sure wish I had someone close to my farm in Ohio that knew alot about herbs and plants to teach me things!  I so want to learn!
   Trying to be more diligent in my posts now, so hopefully will be talking to you again soon but have to close on this one!  Hope everyone is staying cool and still somehow managing to enjoy your summers!

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  1. Girl, I have had a busy summer with my kids and been away from blogging. I sure have missed you! I got a bad case of poison ivy. I actually had it twice this summer but only one time was it so bad that if left a scar. It's a bummer I know! I hope you are feeling better by now.

    I don't know if I would be able to pick out sweet annie or not. I know it by pics like you showed but if I was out in the woods, I would probably pass right by it, lol. With living in your beautiful farmhouse, I'm sure you have lots of really nice naturals around there. That would be so nice. I just discovered them at Hobby Lobby and although they are 50% off pretty often, I keep thinking I could find it out in the country... need to take a little drive, lol.

    It's nice to catch back up with you. Happy September and fall decorating! =]