Thursday, January 6, 2011

showing off!

   I just posted a couple of days ago but I was going through some pics today and found a couple of pics of past quilts that I have made and I wanted to share them before they disapear again! lol  I am looking forward to a few days of stitching.  I think we are in for some snow. The weather man says little bursts for the next few days then possibly a big storm early next week.  We will see. I am not totally sick of it yet, so all is good.
Still fighting this respiratory thing that I have but atleast I can breath through my nose for a few hours each day without using nasal spray and I am not currently on antibiotics so maybe it's getting better!
This quilt is called "Castle in the Mountains". I think I got the patterm from a Thimbleberries book but I did not use Thimblerries fabric. I made it about 6 years ago.  It is machine pieced but and hand quilted and it took me about a year to quilt it. I have never machine quilted but I'd really like to try.  It is currently hanging on my living room wall over the couch.                               
 This is the first quilt I ever made.   I have always cross stitched since I was a teenager but had never quilted before.  My mother was an avid quilter and I had always watched her and wanted to try it.  In the mid 90's, I went through a difficult time in my life and after some rocky years, my husband and I divorced. Quilting seemed to help me relax and I made this sampler quilt before I even knew what was happening. I guess I can thank my ex-husband for starting my quilting obsession! lol  I do not have this quilt displyed at my house right now.  Actually it is hanging over the end my iron bed at the old farmhouse.....where I'd like to be now, but that's totally another story!
This is a wallhanging memories quilt that I made for my mom Christmas before last. It had all sorts of pictures of our family and her life on it and it made her cry! Not that her crying was my intention, but it let me know how much she loved it and that she wasn't expecting it.
   This is my new son-in-law holding the sign that I made for him and my daughter for Christmas this year.  They knew I had made it but I wouldn't give it to them until Christmas and they were excited waiting for it for about a month before they got it.
        Well, I hope everyones new year is starting off healthy and happy. I have enjoyed reading all of my blog friends posts! Love looking at all the pictures! Unitl next time.....happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful quilts! I love the Castle in the Mountains, the colors are gorgeous! How sweet of you to make that for your mom. That is an awesome handmade gift... you know lots and lots of time and love went into that piece.

    Neat sign! I can see why they were anxious to get it.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Leisha~

  2. Your quilts are beautiful. I cannot even imagine being able to do something like that. What talent.

    And, your sign is great! I am a big lover of signs because I LOVE words.

    Nice to meet you.

  3. Beautiful quilts, I love the colors & design on the "Castle in the Mountains"
    So sweet your Mom with the quilt, tears of joy!
    enjoy the day